2017-06-12 – 08:45h to 2017-06-23 – 17:00h

WASCAL in collaboration with NASA and the University of Missouri – Kansas City, will be conducting a Capacity Building Workshop on „Interdisciplinary Remote Sensing, Modeling, and Validation of Environmental Processes“ from June 12 -23, 2017. This  workshop, primarily sponsored by the International Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and WASCAL, is aimed at enabling that extensive knowledge base, capacity, and results developed under major international research programmes/projects to be transferred to young professionals and graduate students in West Africa. By interacting very closely, during a period of two weeks, with experienced professionals in space-based interdisciplinary research, which is in its infancy in West Africa, these young scientists will be equipped to pursue similar collaborative scientific research paradigms within their regions. This will provide an excellent avenue to maximize the societal benefits that result from such interdisciplinary research efforts. Major American and European space missions will be addressed, including: Landsat, Terra, Aqua, Aura, Meteosat, Calipso, and SMAP.

WASCAL is a large-scale research-focused Climate Service Centre designed to help tackle severe challenges posed by climate change and thereby enhance the resilience of human and environmental systems to climate change and increased variability. It does so by strengthening the research infrastructure and capacity in West Africa related to climate change and by pooling the expertise of ten West African countries and Germany. The WASCAL Capacity Building Programme through the Graduate studies programme helps to educate the next generation of scientists in West Africa to attain an intimate knowledge of different climate related issues in order to help the region develop suitable management strategies.  WASCAL’s graduate studies programmes (GRPs) are implemented in ten leading Universities across 10 West African countries.

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