WASCAL Competence Centre is a regional science-based hub situated in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso where WASCAL deploys its research programme to support the provision of climate and environmental services.

  • To provide evidence-based outputs that support the provision of climate and environmental services.
  • To serve as science implementation/advisory agency for other climate service centers and ECOWAS members.
  • To backstop the capacity building program.

WASCAL Competence Centre sets up win- win partnerships at international, regional and national levels with research, academic and service provision organizations

WASCAL research system lies in a transdisciplinary approach with climate science, biophysical and socioeconomics programs as key pillars supported by a regional observation network and a data center

WASCAL Competence Centre is a unique transdisciplinary science-based climate and environmental service center whose scope of intervention, targets the diversity of agroecological zones of West Africa.

WASCAL implements a threefold strategy:

  • To contribute to the emergence of the new generation of climate change experts through training and capacity strengthening.
  • To roll out innovative impact-oriented research programs.
  • To provide demand-driven and science-based climate and environmental services to policy makers and other key stakeholders.

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