CES at the CoC

The Competence Centre provides Climate and Environmental Services (CES) using available and existing data, on-going research experiences, tools, and techniques from the Core Research Programme (CRP) of WASCAL. CES are developed to provide information, engineering solutions, policy guidance and knowledge to support resilience, sustainable development and improve livelihoods. These are “customized” and “integrated” services responding to user needs, to the new challenges posed by global warming and climate change, and bringing together human skills, financial investments, information resources, tools, and training to improve the adaptive capacity of nations and the resilience of different sectors.

In collaboration with GERICS (Climate Service Centre Germany), the Competence Centre has now bundled all existing and expected future climate and environmental services into eight (8) integrated services under the title, “Customized and Integrated CLimatEServices for Improved Resilience and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in West Africa (CICLES)”.