With an overall objective to provide information, services, guidance, and knowledge to support resilience, sustainable development, and to improve livelihoods in West African states, CICLES seeks to deliver the following customized services.

  1. CSA (Climate-Smart Agriculture)
  2. TIX (Timely Information on Climate Extremes)
  3. CPA (Climate Policy and Action)
  4. DSC (Data, Storage, and Computing Services)
  5. REN (Renewable and Clean Energy)
  6. CSL (Climate-Smart Landscapes)
  7. MUH (Migration under Natural Hazard)
  8. STC (Scientific Exchanges, Training, and Vocation Courses)

CICLES is  designed to generate the following impacts: (i) stronger adaptive capacity and climate resilience through the co-production and delivery in the West African region and engage all CICLES actors and sectoral experts, (ii) sustained development pathway which considers the influence of climate variability and change in all aspects of the socio-economic spectrum in urban, peri-urban and in rural areas, (iii) the demonstrators, pilot sites and the other strategies of communication, visibility and dissemination will add value to climate information and service delivery considering quality assurance and supporting international assessments such as IPCC and land degradation neutrality, (iv) better policy making for climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and clean energy production through a multi-sectoral stakeholder engagement, feedbacks, user certification, education and training at local, national, regional and international levels.

Individual services of the CICLES will target boosting policies and regulations that fully recognize the role of WASCAL in contributing to National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), National Determined Contributions (NDC) and supporting the efforts of the international community to tackle the challenges of global warming and changing climate. Some services among the proposed CICLES are already on-going borne-out from past experiences of the CoC through the implementation of third party funded projects.