Since 2016, the Competence Centre has completed more than fifteen projects and consultancy works in the region. Currently dozens of these projects are still running and more are expected from submitted proposals. The projects are funded mostly by third parties other than BMBF and led or co-led by the Competence Centre with consortia of different partners worldwide. The contribution of these other projects has been at the forefront of climate services design, demonstrations and dissemination through pilot sites at WASCAL Basins and real-life delivery fora.

Through these projects, the Competence Centre has developed several climate and environmental services for the benefit of several groups of stakeholders in West Africa. The followingis a summary of somethese services.

Name of ProjectRegional Impacts/BenefitsBeneficiaries
FSP-AGRICORAProduction and dissemination of climate services (i) agro climatic information, & climate smart practices against heavy rains  (ii)Operational delivery of “1-week & 2-week lead time forecasts” of pluviometric extremes (i.e. False onset for cropping seasons, heavy rain events, soil waterlogging to a network of 120+ farmers based in Northern Ghana & Burkina Fasofarmers and extension intermediaries in the region  
Disaster Risk Reduction Practice Research and Capacity Building Support to ECOWAS disaster forecasting and early warning system developed  Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin  
UPSCALLERSDevelopment of web application of AgInfo package for large-scale useWA Region  
CIREG(i) On-going installation of a hybrid Hydropower-solar power generation in Gbandidi (Togo) to provide electricity to the local community business centres.   (ii) Establishment of community led Business management model for the of off-grid & centralized PV-based water pumping system3 sets of community Business models set-up,   120 households get access to electricity for the first time, 60 house holds get access to clean water from borehole for the first time
GREEN BUILDERS(i) GIS maps of Waste collection, irrigated area and tree nursery and green space sites and the MoghoNaaba’ water channel.   (ii) 400 Nursery plants is produced by plant nurseries owners and disseminate throughout the cities of Ouagadougou and Tamale,    (iii) 20 Trees are planted in front of WASCAL and ANEERE, one of the project stakeholder, offices.  for 120 non-academic stakeholders (city council, ONEA, the Ministry of Urban Development and the Department of Landscape Planning)      
AGRICA Adaptation strategies on the feasibility, social acceptance and uptake of adaptation measures among farmers and stakeholdersFarmers, Extension workers, SDG/NDC office in Burkina Faso, Niger and Ghana