To contribute to filling the data gaps in terms of online and long-term storage and accessibility of the data, but also in the terms of datasets description, licensing and sharing, WASCAL has deployed a regional data repositories and portals, formally referred to as WASCAL data Repositories and Portals (WASREP). WASREP being the online visible web face of WADI, it is also often referred to as WADI platform/ portal.

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The main interest of WASREP is twofold:

  1. facilitate the online provision, integration, management, and exchange of heterogeneous data resources mainly for the delivery and dissemination of climate services and
  2. develop a regional data hub connecting data providers (owners/distributors), data users (scientists/non-scientists) and data managers.

 The data are accessible through the Portal at which is the main data platform for climate and environmental heterogeneous datasets.

To this main repository are linked specific data platforms and apps as follows:

  •[1] : An interactive data platform for time-series hydrometeorological data. It provides a map-based discovery, request, and access to the data of WASCAL-donated meteorological stations and hydrological sensors installed in WASCAL watershed Basins and in member countries. An access to the countries synoptic weather stations is also provided.

  • cov-clichange app[1] : WASCAL dashboard for monitoring COVID-19 daily statistics against air quality and climatic variables. The app is still being improved.