The Scientific Advisory Committee of WASCAL (SAC) has held its 9th scientific meeting in Hamburg, Germany to deliberate on scientific issues regarding the organization.

The two-day advisory meeting generated key pieces of advice to the Governing Board meant to move the organization forward in terms of effectiveness, efficiency impacts.

 Significant amongst them included the implementation of WASCAL Research Agenda Programme for the next 4 years (WRAP2.0), more synergy between the Research Department and the Capacity Building Department to ensure harmonization and successful development of products and for PhD projects within the WASCAL framework.  Also, there was the need for improved visibility of the research findings and the appointment of new members of the scientific committee and their terms of office.

The Scientific Advisory Committee is dedicated to providing first class scientific advice to the Governing Body of the organisation. They also provide understanding and counsel on strategic decisions on relevant scientific activities that WASCAL is engaged in.