The hybrid waste to energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project is looking for a Ghanaian owned company with expertise in waste management and the operation of a waste to energy facility to be a partner in the operational consortium to operate the 400 kW pilot waste to energy power plant at Gyankobaa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The plant is worth an investment of approx..3 Million Euros. The hybrid facility consists of a 100 kW biogas plant, a 100 kW pyrolysis plant and approximately 200 kW of solar PV grid ready power plant. In addition, the facility has a waste sorting plant, a compost area, offices for staff and approximately 6 acres of land which has been duly fenced.

The facility is run in the form of a consortial ownership. The co-operator alone doesn’t own the facility, instead will be a member of the consortium with the assigned tasks stated below.


  1. The co-operator will be required to bring at a minimum investment of 100,000 Euros by the end of the project funding phase (31.12.2023). This money will be blocked in the consortium ownership account as an assurance for commitment and seriousness of the co-operator.
  2.  The co-operator must be in a position to run the plant efficiently for a minimum of 10 years after the end of the funding phase.

In addition, the co-operator will be, among other things, required to;

  • Close power purchasing agreement with off-taker(s) for 200kWp solar pV by December 2020,
  • Close power purchasing agreement with off-taker(s) for heat from biogas and pyrolysis plant by October 2021,
  • Close power purchasing agreement with off-taker(s) for electricity from biogas and pyrolysis fuel by October 2021,
  • Based on business case to extend the off-taker agreement to directly purchase the fuels (Biogas and pyrolysis oil)
  • Achieve 100% operational capacity/run at full scale by the end of the project funding phase,
  • Guarantee the operation of the facility for a minimum of 10 years beyond the funding phase
  • Ensure that the facility is always kept running and financially liquid,
  • Ensure that the capacity of the plant is expanded during the 10 years by at least doubling the

capacities of fuel or electricity generation or waste management capacities.

  • Ensure that the assets of the facility are kept functional at all times,
  • Guarantee the un-interrupted supply of waste from the municipality to keep the facility running,
  • Close deals with adjacent municipalities within the 30 km radius where it makes economic sense to open up supply lines to ensure that there is enough waste to treat,
  • Explore additional revenue stream from all sources include sale of compost, scrap metals, and PET bottles, etc
  • Commit to the utilization of the additional land for peripheral business which may utilize the power in the event we do not have any off-taker (worse-case scenario),
  • Commit to the development of additional business or supporting start-ups especially in the area of circular economy. Expansion through integration and development of new startups within the facility,
  • Commit to investing more than 60% of the profit from running the facility into maintaining, expanding and improving the efficiency of the plant,
  • The remaining profit may be shared according to the shareholding capacities of the parties
  • Assist in setting-up professional company structure, and
  • Work effectively with the partners to ensure the smooth running of the facility.

Interested co-operators can express their interest through a letter till the 25th November 2020.