This ongoing research project seeks to address the problems associated with the unreliable and frequently shortened or interrupted growing season which is a major reason for crop failures in Burkina Faso. The project relies on twointerlinked adaptation strategies

  1. the improvement of precipitation monitoring and forecasting for agricultural planning, and
  2. an optimized collection and storage of rainwater outside the periods relevant for plant growth in order to use it for additional irrigation.

Thus, the project aims to (i) provide improved information about current and short-term expected precipitation in Burkina Faso, and (ii) develop technologies that make intelligent use of this rainfall information to reduce the negative effects of rainfall variability on agricultural production, (iii) assess the effectiveness and the extrapolation potential of the developed information and measures, and (iv) apply prototypes of the new precipitation forecasting and water storage / irrigation systems to increase and stabilize the rice yield and for additional vegetable cultivation.

Project indicatorSummary of results
Outcome of ProjectsIncreasing the observation & forecasting of extreme rainfall events in Burkina Faso using Microwave Link networks. Installation and capacity building of rural Burkina Faso communities in rainwater harvesting & reuse, optimize the use of flood plain farming.
Mitigation to climate changeMonitoring & Early warning to minimize advert effects of extreme rain events in Burkina Faso
Adaptation technologyOngoing
Capacity buildingOngoing