Doctoral Programme Climate Change and Economics


Like other countries around the world, the West African region is confronted with the urgent need to develop effective adaptation and mitigation strategies related to climate change. In this context, the Doctoral Research Programme in Climate Change Economics (CCEcon), led by the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD), focuses on applying economic rationality to analyze climate change impact and influence policy making through the design of appropriate science-based policies. To ensure an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to climate related analysis and policy the programme develops strong synergies with other universities involved in the WASCAL Graduate Studies Programme (GSP).


  • The objectives of GSP Climate Change Economics are to:
    1. Train West African leaders for a better inclusion of climate change issues in the policies and sustainable development projects and programs.
    2. Promote an integrated approach to climate change issues
    3. Build capacities to assess the impacts of climate change and develop adaptation strategies;
    4. Promote an operational approach to knowledge in the field of climate change particularly through case studies.


The program’s curriculum comprises both a theoretical foundation in economics and the methodological and quantitative tools in the field of mathematics, statistics and econometrics. to conduct cutting edge research in applied economics. The subjects studied are multidisciplinary in nature and encompass topics related to development economics and climate change: development economics theories, sustainable development theories, climate change economics and finances, integrated approach to climate and policy modeling, etc.

University Cheikh Anta Diop

University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), in Dakar is the oldest university in francophone African countries. It has students coming from 44 different nationalities from all parts of Africa. Alongside its six faculties, the university hosts a variety of specialized schools, mainly in the area of journalism, environment, engineering, and public health. UCADs faculty of Economics and Management is considered a center of excellence for sustainable economic development studies in Africa. UCAD is a focal point of the “Programme de troisième cycle inter-universitaire en Economie (PTCI)”, that is a graduate programme in economics, a coordinated programme among universities and research centers of 18 francophone African countries. It was implemented in 1994 and by now has significantly provided universities and governments with highly trained people.





Contact Information


Professor Fatou Gueye
Director WASCAL Climate Change Economics
Bâtiment Centre de Mesure derrière UCAD 2
BP 16448 Dakar-Fann
Dakar, Senegal
Tel Office : +221 33 8592218


Deputy Director

Dr. Assane Beye