EnerSHelF is a German-Ghanaian joint project in which experts from science and industry of the various disciplines work together on both technical and politico-economic questions to improve and disseminate marketable PV-based energy solutions for health facilities in Ghana. The overall objective of the project is to simultaneously improve access to health services (SDG 3) and sustainable energy (SDG 7) in Ghana.

The project will contribute to sustainable economic, environmental, and social development through an accelerated diffusion of integrative and reliable PV solutions to support an increase in the market share of renewable energy and thus strengthen the sustainability of the national energy system. In addition, improved energy access and reduced energy costs will allow for improved healthcare.

Project indicatorSummary of results
Outcome of ProjectsIncreasing Ghana’s weather/climate observation network, off-grid mini-PV power plant to 2 Rural Hospitals Increase access to electricity to rural communities
Mitigation to climate changeOff-grid solution of solar energy to small community assets (two hospitals) in rural Ghana to support reduction in the use of fossil fuel and access to clean energy

WASCAL Contact: Dr. Seyni SALACK (salack.s@wascal.org)

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