Master Programme in Economics/Policies/Infrastructures and Green Hydrogen Technology, Senegal


The International Master Programme in Energy and Green Hydrogen (IMP-EGH) is innovative for the West African region, and it is designed to prepare the next generation to address the energy challenges of adaptation and resilience to Climate Change in West Africa. The programme’s interdisciplinary approach will allow for a better understanding of present-day energy infrastructures in West Africa, their strengths and weaknesses, energy policies, practices in a changing climate context and the search for sustainable solutions.


The main objective of this programme is to prepare and train a new generation of interdisciplinary professionals capable of proposing adapted solutions to ongoing energy crisis. Graduates will, therefore, be well skilled in order to jointly fulfill the following two points:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the science related to a changing climate and global warming, knowledge of the impacts of climate change, vulnerability of natural systems and the built environment, and methods for adaptation.
  • Develop a comprehension of energy production, delivery, and consumption for both traditional systems and sustainable energy alternatives with special emphasis on energy efficiency, energy management and local available renewable energy.
  • Identify and develop methods for the production and valorization of green energy (biogas and biofuel) from biomass.
  • Identify and popularize the methods of production and valorization of green energy (hydrogen) from water resources.


The programme’s curriculum comprises of well-structured programme consisting of three (3) semesters of taught courses, lab activities, field visits and interaction with stakeholders and one (1) semester intended to the student field work, thesis research, final write up and defense.

University Cheikh Anta Diop

University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), in Dakar is the oldest university in francophone African countries. It has students coming from 44 different nationalities from all parts of Africa. Alongside its six faculties, the university hosts a variety of specialized schools, mainly in the area of journalism, environment, engineering, and public health. UCADs faculty of Economics and Management is considered a center of excellence for sustainable economic development studies in Africa. UCAD is a focal point of the “Programme de troisième cycle inter-universitaire en Economie (PTCI)”, that is a graduate programme in economics, a coordinated programme among universities and research centers of 18 francophone African countries. It was implemented in 1994 and by now has significantly provided universities and governments with highly trained people.

Course Duration is 28 months; 4 months for language training (proficiency) and 24 months for the Master programmes



Contact Information


Dr. Ibrahima Barry 
Director WASCAL Climate Change Economics
Bâtiment Centre de Mesure derrière UCAD 2
BP 16448 Dakar-Fann
Dakar, Senegal
Tel Office : +221 33 859 22 18
Mob : +221 77 576 71 64


Deputy Director

Dr. Assane Beye