From left: Dr. Moumini Savadogo, WASCAL Executive Director, and Prof. Mark Bailey, Executive Director of UKCEH. © Peace Ahovi

WASCAL has signed a cooperation agreement with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) to strengthen and promote their partnership through research collaboration to establish and implement cooperative Climate Change in various research focused areas.

Through this partnership, WASCAL and UKCEH agree to establish and implement cooperation including, but not limited to, Climate and environmental services, climate modelling and seasonal forecasting, Climate Change adaptation measures, hydrology and water resources management, sustainable land use and agriculture, biodiversity conservation and ecosystems management, environmental monitoring, data management and informatics, assessment, impacts and mitigation of environmental change, pathways to achieving net zero carbon emission, and development of nature-based solutions.

Other areas of collaboration covered in the agreement include, avenues for WASCAL and UKCEH to put their efforts together to support this initiative by identifying opportunities for bilateral exchange of research scientists, appointment of joint studentships, joint proposals’ writing or collaborative research, organizing joint workshops and international conferences, identifying opportunities for the development of collaborative research programmes, resourcing staff exchange and collaborative research programmes and in investigating further funding sources to extend these opportunities.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Moumini Savadogo, the WASCAL Executive Director on behalf of WASCAL, and Prof. Mark Bailey, the Executive Director of UKCEH.

About the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

UKCEH seeks to understand the environment, how it sustains life, and the human impact on it – so that together, people and nature can prosper. It has a long history of investigating, monitoring, and modelling environmental change. Its 500 scientists provide the data and insights that researchers, governments, and businesses need to create a productive, resilient and healthy environment, with focus on mitigating and building resilience to climate change, preventing, and reducing pollution, and creating sustainable ecosystems.


WASCAL is a large-scale research-focused Climate Service Centre designed to help tackle this challenge and thereby enhance the resilience of human and environmental systems to climate change and increased variability. It does so by strengthening the research infrastructure and capacity in West Africa related to climate change and by pooling the expertise of ten West African countries and Germany. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

© Peace Ahovi
© Peace Ahovi