New Wascal Logo

The new logo was approved and confirmed during the last governing board meeting held in Bonn, Germany. The new logo reflects the values and tells the story of the mission of WASCAL in its bid to remain a strong brand in West Africa.

The logo contains an African map. It underlines strength and the outline of Africa represents the root, identity and sense of ownership of WASCAL as an indigenous institution that serves Africa.

Next, there are pearls of rings on West Africa, symbolizing the West African countries being pulled together by the string of pearls (something fragile, but can be very beautiful) representing WASCAL’s ability to adapt to initiatives. The various colours signifies the beauty of unity and oneness.

The colours of the logo are light Blue and shades of Gray.

The new logo registers the strong presence and intent of WASCAL as an indigenous organization that seeks to unify players in the climate sector in West Africa
The new logo, has come to replace the existing one. For further information on the use of the logo for other forms of internal and external communication, all are advised to contact the Public Relations office in Accra, Ghana. Welcome to the new phase and face of WASCAL.