©Igor Bado

Newly appointed Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of WASCAL has held its first meeting at the Competence Centre, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The objective of the meeting was to present the new orientation strategy of the new SAC, take stock of the on-going WASCAL Research Action Plan (WRAP 2.0) projects and the Graduate School Programme. The meeting was also aimed at providing scientific advice and guide to WASCAL in the implementation of its mission in order to better face the unrelenting negative Climate Change impacts in the region.

Prof. Brice Sinsin, the newly appointed SAC Chairman pledged to ensure that the new team will follow up ongoing and prospective projects by the Executive management and his team for the benefit of the region’…

In his official opening remarks to the SAC members, Prof. Ogunjobi, Director of Research at the Competence Centre said: “As we celebrate our 10 years, the current global dynamics invite us to have an objective look in respect to our field of research and capacity building. That’s why, in its quest to find solutions to the negative impacts of Climate Change in our Region, WASCAL is trying to strategically slide into new frontiers of Research and Innovation, ranking from e-waste management, artificial intelligence, coastal erosion, marine and blue economy to Renewable Energy”. He spoke.

In the same vein, he informed the SAC members that the Competence Centre is looking forward to taking leadership positions for the upcoming COP27 and by extension to any UN events related to Climate change in the coming years. He closed his remarks, by expressing a gratitude to the erstwhile SAC members for their unrelenting support and guidance over the years, which pathed the way to major achievements.

He further emphasized that role of SAC member was to release to the management good outputs and survey of the implementation of the activities.