The University of Rostock (UR) wishes to apply a portion of its budgetary allocation under the waste to energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project to procure, construct, test, and commission the following items classified under the following lots

LotsItemQuantityBrief description
Lot 1Emergency gas flare1To be used to flare excess biogas. Throughput 100 Nm3/hr, pipe from desulfurizer DN 80 PE HD pipe
Lot 2Solid-liquid separation unit1Will be used to separate the solids from digestate. Part of the liquid portion will be fed back into the biogas plant
Lot 3Long shaft agitators2Long shaft agitators for stirring content of digester with a dry matter content of 10.5%, nominal speed 35 – 40 rpm and diameter of 2600 and 2800 mm. The sealing must be contact and wear free, and gas tight
Lot 4Feeding system1The feeding system will be used to convey organic waste fraction from the bunker (pre-storage tank) to the digester. It will be a screw feeder with the ability to carry a load of 15 m3/day and a storage capacity of 20 m3 of municipal solid waste
Lot 5Desulfurization1The desulfurization unit will be used to clean the biogas of H2S. The throughput of the biogas is 45 Nm3/h (dry), output must interphase with the CHP
Lot 6Double membrane gas holder (mounted on top of digestor)1Double membrane gasholder for storage of biogas. Volume of about 250 – 300 m3 and gas withdrawal rate of 100 Nm3/hr. Inner membrane must not exceed methane permeability of 260 ml / (m²*d*1000hPa) at 23 °C.
Lot 7Water pumps with adequate piping network6To lift process water from various sections of the water tanks and digestate from a supply line at 3 bar to a head of 6 bar.
Lot 8Biogas bunker (pre-storage tank)1The biogas bunker will serve as a temporal storage place for the sorted organic waste fraction and also host the feeding system
Lot 9Instrumentation and control panel1The instrumentation will include software PROFIBUS with full license.
Lot 10Technical building1The technical building will be responsible to house all the pumps, compressors, etc.
Lot 11Instrumentation (control sensors)Temperature (4), pressure (4), flowmeter (4), PH (2) and gas analyzer (2), gas leakage detector (1), pressure relief valve (1)To monitor and control parameters
Lot 12Biogas digester1The biogas digester shall be constructed either with in situ concrete or glass infused steels with a diameter of 14 m and a height of 6 m built from the ground level. When constructed with concrete, the thickness shall be 250 ±50 mm with cladding and 100 mm insulation against weather fluctuations. The digester must have internal heating systems (steel pipes inside the digester to heat-up the digester)
Lot 13PipingvariousPolyethylene – HD to carry the biogas from storage tank to desulfurizer DN 80 (ca 3 m) through to the CHP DN 65 (50 m length), PE flange (20 cm)
Lot 14CHP145 Nm3/hr gas throughput, 103 kWe, 400 V, 50 Hz, must include a gas flowmeter, NOx measuring device, smoke/CO detector
Lot 15Biogas burner145 Nm3/hr gas throughput, 103 kWth, 400 V, 50 Hz, must include a gas flowmeter, NOx measuring device, smoke/CO detector, heat transport system to dry materials on site.
Lot 16Compressor (air)1To supply air for pneumatic components of the digester
Lot 17Compressor (biogas)/pump1To be used to draw biogas from the storage tank through the desulfurizer. Throughput 45 Nm3/h, pipe connection to desulfurizer is 80 DN PE-HD pipe.

Credible, registered construction companies and or vendors in Ghana and abroad are invited to submit bids. Suppliers are free to submit bids for individual lots or selected lots based on their experience. Please, include in your bid documents containing all relevant information such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include, warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years. Interested parties should request for the documentation for each lot by contacting the following email addresses / or pick-up the hard copies at the WASCAL head office in Accra.