The University of Rostock (UR) seeks to apply portions of their budgetary allocation under the Waste-to-Energy project extension (in Togo) to procure the advertised lots in cooperation with the Togolese government, Greater Lomé Municipality Akepe Landfill, and West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use in Togo (WASCAL-Togo).

Notice is hereby served for all interested vendors/parties to put in their bid for the advertised lot. Vendors/parties can opt to put in their bids for individual lots.

LotsSub-categoryItemQuantityDescription (recommended and can be modified by individual contractor to fit the needs)
Lot-1 Land clearance and leveling1Clearance of 4 hectares of land at the Akepe Landfill to setup the processing plant, processing of the cleared biomass in to 20 cm * 20 cm size or less. Levelling of the cleared land to have the ground level without any inclination easing the construction process.
Lot-22a.Wood Grinder1Wood grinder having a capacity of 5 tons/hour
 2b.Wood pelletizer1Flat-die pelletizer having a capacity of 5 tons/hour
 2c.Pellets Silo1Cylindrical Pellet Silo with a capacity of 50 tons with pneumatic filling on top and discharge at the bottom to fill in the big bags having a capacity of 1 tons/bag. The silo should be placed on supporting platform to ease the filling in to big bags.
 2d.Complete pnuematic system1This should comprise compressor, hoses and any ancillary
Lot-33a.Construction1Construction of sorting shed with roof and cladding, and composting shed with roof, with concrete platform, storage shed, bunker, office rooms, material analysis laboratory, toilets and control room.
3b.Furnishing1Office tables and chairs for 12 people. 13 Computers with full licensed operating software’s installed. Lab cabinets and working spaces, 50 sets of full protection working gear (helmets, googles, 3 micron nose masks, gloves, overalls, shoes, etc.)
3c.Electrical installations1Installation of 3 phase power system throughout the facility with lights, ACs, surveillance cameras (30-40) powering the equipment from the biogas generator.
Lot-44a.Trucks1One heavy duty dump truck (new/slightly used with inspection report)
 4b.Electric car1An electric pickup car with a seating capacity for minimum of 5 people, Navigation system, parking sensors with camera, etc.
Lot-55a.Mobile Crane1One mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tons (new/slightly used with inspection report)
5b.Forklift1One forklift with a lifting capacity of 6 tons (new/slightly used with inspection report)
5c.Windrow compost turner1Mechanized/mobile windrow compost turner with movable heights of 1.2 m and width of 2.0 m
Lot-6 Biogas generator2 setEach generator should be of capacity minimum 800 KW electrical power output
Lot-7 Laboratory equipment1Consists of Two precision balancesMass balance – 5 kg capacityBomb Calorimeter for liquid and solid samples Moisture content measuring device /ovenMuffle furnaceElemental analyserWater purifierGas analyser/measuring deviceGas flowmeter Desiccator (2)Glassware (various)Ceramic bowls for the furnace
Lot-8 Sorting and recycling line1 set containing the below listed sets in totalThe sorting line should be in a position to treat 1200 tons/day of mixed solid waste and comprise of the following equipment’s listed below
8a.Vibrating screen2 setsSpecification: B1500 *4000 mm, spacing between bars:300 mm. Power:15KW
8b.Discharging conveyor of vibrating screen2 setsSpecification: B1400 *6000 mm, frame type, V=1m/s, power: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8c.Loading conveyor for bag opener2 setsSpecification: B1800*10500mm, frame type, V=0.3~0.8 m/s, motor: 5.5 KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8d.Feeder and bag opener2 setsTo open the bags and feed material on to the conveyor. Specification: B1500 *6800 mm, Power: 11 kW, thickness is 10 mm, hot galvanizing. Bag opener: 1200 model, Power: 15 kW, number of blades: 32 pieces, retractable, prevent winding effectively. Including Frequency controller
8e.Feeding Conveyor of trommel screen2 setsSpecification: B1200*16000mm, frame type, V=0.3~0.8m/s, frequency control, motor: 7.5 KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8f.Trommel screen2 setsSpecification: φ 2400*8000mm (Effective screening length: 8000 mm), diameter of sieve hole: 30mm, thickness of sieve plate is 8 mm, a=5-8〫, power: 22 KW, frequency control, equipped with bilateral platform, ladder, inspection window,
8g.Receiving belt undersized fraction2 setsSpecification: B1200*10000mm, frame type, V=0.8m/s, motor: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8h.Transferring belt – undersized fraction2 setsSpecification: B1000*20000mm, frame type, V=0.8m/s, motor: 7.5 KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.  
8i.Magnetic separator (electromagnet)2 setsRCDD-12 electromagnetic type, it will be appropriate for belt width: 1200 mm, magnetic field intensity is 90 MT, equipped with bracket, lifting appliance and hopper
8j.Discharging conveyor – oversized fraction2 setsSpecification: B1200*15000mm, frame type, V=0.3~0.8m/s, motor: 7.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8k.Double shaft shredder2 setsPower:90KW, discharging size: 300mm
8l.Conveyor of undersized fraction for Air separator2 setsSpecification: B1200*12000mm, frame type, V=1m/s, motor: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.  
8m.Air separator2 setsSpecifications: B1200 type, power: 30KW+2.2KW+3KW+4KW, fan and light material receiving conveyor frequency control, air volume 16000-30000, wind pressure 1400-2100. Including double side platform, climbing ladder. With return air duct
8n.Light weight material conveyor2 setsSpecification: B1200*12000mm, frame type, V=1 m/s, motor: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8o.Heavy weight material conveyors2 setsFor metals, wood and tyres Specification: B1200*15000mm, frame type, V=0.8m/s, motor: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper, receiving hopper and sweeper.
8p.Glass crusher/shredder with platform1 set8 tons/hour capacity
8q.Glass feeding conveyor1 set8tons/hour capacity. Specification: B1000*10000mm, frame type, V=0.8m/s, motor: 5.5KW, equipped with hopper receiving hopper and sweeper.
8r.Glass packaging1 set8 tons/hour capacity. Packed in tonne bags after glass breakage.
8s.Manual sorting platform1 setLength of about 15 – 20 m, band width of 1.5 m, working position by each side, in total minimum of 8 positions
8u.Baler machine2 setsOne each for metals and for RDF Specification: 1250 full automatic, bale size: 1100* 1250 * L (mm), power: 50.1 KW
8v.Wood grinder/chipper1 set120 tons/day capacity, Power 290 KW
8w.Wood dryer1 set120 tons/day capacity, Power 30 KW
8x.RDF processing and dryer1 set180 tons/day capacity each
8y.Flat die Wood pelletizer1 set120 tons/day capacity, Power 160 KW
8z.Wood pellet cooler1 set120 tons/day capacity, Power 30 KW
8aa.Complete Tyre recycling unit1 setThe tyre recycling unit should have a capacity of 150 tons/day and should include shredders, removal of metal-strips (wire separator), inlet and outlet conveyor, electrical control systems and processing of it as alternative fuels. Power 125 KW
8ab.Automatic Packaging machine2 setAutomatic foil packaging machine to pack the bales
8ac.Control panels/complete control system1 set / multiple setsEquipped with PLC control cabinet, galvanizing bridge, cable from the equipment to the control system, it can realize manual and fully automatic control.
8ad.Maintenance platform1 setConveyor belt maintenance platform, outriggers
 8ae.Installation and Commission1 serviceThe chosen company should do the installation and commissioning at the site
8af.Training1 serviceTraining on operation, problem solving and online monitoring

Credible, registered companies are invited to submit bids. International companies are welcome to place their bids directly. Please include in your bid documents containing all relevant information such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years. Companies can also submit bids for used but functional equipment in good shape with a warranty of not less than 2 years.

All equipment’s have to be supplied with proper manuals and documentations including maintenance protocols in English language.

For any further enquires, clarifications or documentations, please contact