The West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) through one of its partners’ Twerebo Process Industries Limited wishes to apply a portion of its budgetary allocation under the Waste-to-Energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project to procure, the following items classified under the following lots;

Lot 1

1air-condition72.5 HP split air-condition including installation and maintenance
2window blinds10assorted
3water dispenser110 l
4sanitizer dispenser6500 ml
5electric water kettle21.5 l
6coffee maker21 l
7Cubicle for supervisor1Minimum 1.5 m * 1.5 m
8Projector and projection screen57000 Lumens and screen size 2.5 m * 2.5 m
9Web meetings TV with camera and microphone4One in manager room and one in common office room (Min. 65 Inch TV)
10Electrical bulbs8LED yellow (Warm light)
11Other electrical appliances and connectionsMinimum of 12Min. 6 Power sockets each at every 2 M distance
12Pipes2 kmPVC pipes to hold electrical cables
13Conduits3 kmCable channels
14washing machine18 kg
15dish washer160 cm wide
17fume chamber2with extractors
18refrigerator1200 l
19chest freezer2400 l
20Electrical bulbs12LED Yellow (warm light)
21Other electrical appliances and connections20 socketsMin. 6 Power sockets each at every 2mm distance
22Electrical bulbs12LED Yellow (warm light)
23Other electrical appliances and connections20 socketsMin. 6 Power sockets each at every 2mm distance
24Other electrical appliances and connections20 socketsMin. 6 Power sockets each at every 2mm distance
25Other electrical appliances and connections10 socketsMin. 6 Power sockets each at every 2mm distance
26laboratory chairs6 
27working desk with cabinets24 x 1.5 m
28Electrical bulbs6LED yellow (Warm light)
29Other electrical appliances and connections10Min. 6 Power sockets each at every 2 m distance
30CCTV camera TV and Web meetings TV with camera and microphone1Minimum 65 Inch TV
31Fans3One each in each room
32Electrical BulbsMinimum 4LED yellow (Warm light)
33Safes for valuables in changing rooms210 to 15 compartments each with locks
34Cupboards for hanging clothes and Helmets for 30 people25 m long
35sockets106 (240 V) at least 2 in each compartment and 2 where the weighing bridge is
36Sockets2 (415 V) where the weighing bridge is
37Cubicles for showers84 for men and 4 for women
38Motion sensor lights10LED bulbs
39Wiring of the entire facility (lighting and sockets) Offices, laboratory, washrooms, sorting shed, biogas unit, pyrolysis unit, composting shed, security post, etc power source for the two water storage tanks, power source for mechanized borehole, power control unit, interface between solar battery storage and the power for the mains and laying of earthing cable and lightening arrestor
40CCTV cameras20 pieces setIP audio and visual to be provided for both inside and outside of the office area, sorting area, compost area and security area
41Public address system15 speakers 
42 4 horns 
43Walking talkie20 pieces 
44Telephone (landline)3 
45Fire alarm1 setaddressable system for all the set up with multiple stations (minimum 5 stations)
46Fire extinguisher21ABC fire extinguisher
47Gas leakage alarm4 
48Central intruder system1Infrared possible and should be connected directly to the police service with multiple stations (min. 5 stations)
49Voice and data Throughout the facility (at each cost center with repeaters at a distance of 15 m)
50Photocopy machine3With wireless access (one in office, one in biogas lab, one in pyrolysis lab)
51Printer2With wireless access –
52ID card making machine2With card holders and magnetically operated
53ID cards with card holders100Set of 100 each
54Clock-in system2Able to accept magnetic ID cards which can be used to operate doors in the near future and also to be networked into the central computer system
55Security torchlights6 
56Ceiling fans14 
57Central sounder1Connected Set with speakers around the complete facility (minimum 5 access points)
58Computers (desktops)16Dell/ Toshiba/ HP with 21” monitors and mouse and should come with operating system with full licence and MS office preinstalled with full licence
59Computer Server (high power and working /computing speed)1computers should come with operating systems as server and office 360 preinstalled (full license)
60Metal detectors4For security
61Street lights attached to the individual cost structures25These lights will be mounted directly to the cost structures
62Outside socketsMinimum of 20Both low and high voltage on each side of the office and lab building, behind the manager’s office, laboratory and both sides of the security post, on both the sides of the Bunker, on four sides of the sorting shed and composting shed, on both sides of the water tanks
63Microphone2For meetings (one in managers office, one in the meeting room)
64Lighting140Lighting points with high 150 W equivalent LED bulb each (Warm light)
65Sockets90240 volts for small devices
66Sockets90415 Volts to power motors and other prime movers
67Lighting100Lighting points with high 150 W equivalent LED bulb each (Warm light)
68Lighting points32Led lighting points (yellow light)
69Extension of power cable Distributed into 240 and 415 V to power all machines
70Wiring of the entire facility (lighting and sockets)  
71earthing cable1 
72lightening arrestor6To mounted on each cost center

Lot 2

NoItemQuantity  Description
1executive table1for plant manager
2Executive chairs9for workers
3workstation table2each workstation should house 4 stations
4Cabinet with locks3for storing of files
5window blinds10assorted
6Executive table2for staff
7executive chair2for staff
8laboratory chairs6 
9L shaped working table with cabinets and mable cover2fit to the laboratory dimension
10washing sink4big laboratory washing sink
11Working table at waist level in center of the lab with cabinets integrated24 m x 1.5 m with form maker finishing
12folding chairs30 
13folding tables30 
14Executive meetings table (Long table with sitting chairs)2Having a seating capacity of 14 people (Long oval table with glass in the center with chairs around it (16 chairs) for each
15Executive chairs16 
16laboratory chairs6 
17working desk with cabinets24 x 1.5 m
18Chairs2For security
19Wooden tables with integrated chairs on each side of the table10This is similar to the wooden tables and chairs used by Vodafone at the welcome center at KNUST.
20Sign boards10Navigating through the facility, emergency meeting points, etc.
21Name plates for each room16In front of the room
22door stoppers10both floor and wall mounted
23industrial boots30various sizes for women
24industrial boots20various sizes for men
25hand gloves40 packsindustrial plastic, washable and various sizes
26overall40 unitsmedium, large and XL
27laboratory coats20medium, large and XL
28soap for washing machine10 kg 

Credible, registered construction companies in Ghana are invited to submit bids. Suppliers are free to submit bids for individual lots based on their experience. Please include in your bid documents containing all relevant information such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include, warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years. Interested parties can request for the documentation by contacting the following email address or can also pick the hard copies at the WASCAL head office in Accra.