The University of Rostock (UR) is the overall coordinator for the WASTE TO ENERGY project while WASCAL is the Ghanaian lead for the project. The wishes to apply a portion of its budgetary allocation under the Waste-to-Energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project to procure the following items classified under the following lots;

LotsItemQuantityBrief description
Lot 1Methanation column1The methanation column should be able to take up 3 -6 m3/hr of hydrogen and 1 – 2 m3/hr of CO2 to transform into Methane. The column can be made of steel or glass infused steel or plastic.
Lot 2Biogas steam reformation plant1Fully integrated containerized biogas steam reformation plant to generate about 3 – 6 m3/hr of hydrogen gas. The system should be complete with all accessories, measuring and control instrumentations, small hydrogen storage tank, steam generator and ability to couple the unit to a 1000 m3 biogas digester with gas output of 45 m3/h.
Lot 3Compost turner1Mechanical self-propelled compost turner, adjustable rotor height, fully reversible and variable rotational speeds and capable of turning windrow compost height of 1.3 m and width of about 4 m
Lot 4Electric vehicle1A sports utility vehicle (vehicle) with a minimum coverage of about 500 km per charge with a navigation system, 360 parking sensors, central look, cruise control, air-condition, multi-media screen, fast charging within 8 – 10 hrs, 2 charging stations included with 5 – 7 m cable, including required adaptors and to charge.
Lot 5CO2 gas capture and regenerator1The gas capture unit should be able to couple it to the exhaust of a biogas generator and diesel/oil generator (120 kW). The unit should be complete with a gas absorption and stripper unit with a minimum throughput of about 30 m3/hr of CO2
Lot 6Hydrogen storage1A minimum hydraulic volume 4 m3 each, 40 – 60 bar pressure, and 21.6 kg of hydrogen, containerized solution is preferred however other options are welcome, and operating temperature of -20 – 50 oC
Lot 7Methane compressor 1A minimum hydraulic volume of 10 m3, working pressure of about 2 MPa, operating temperature of -20 – 50 oC
Lot 8Methane storage tank 1A minimum hydraulic volume of 10 m3, working pressure of about 2 MPa, operating temperature of -20 – 50 oC
Lot 9Piping Various sizes to connect the biogas reactor to the reformation plant, reformer to the methanation, gas capture unit to the methanation plant to the storage tanks.
Lot 10Design of logo, design of website Dynamic website with intranet with integration of intranet (management of calendar, time management of employers, whole process monitoring and controlling and day to day log sheets) with cloud access and storage.
Lot 11Construction of a biogas digester for a public school1A 50 m3 biogas digester connected to the toilet facility of a public school at Gyankobaa. The biogas from the facility should be connected to the kitchen or canteen of the school to be used as fuel. The plant should come with a three separate burner commercial biogas stove and complete with piping. The effluent from the digester should be stabilized before discharge into the atmosphere.
Lot 12Laboratory equipmentvariousFuel cell (PEM), hydrogen gas liquefier, electrolysis unit with accessories, anode and cathode plates, multimeters, mini hydrogen fueled CHP, Membrane Electrode Assembly Durability Test Station, Compact Fuel Cell Test System 850C, Teledyne Medusa RD, Fuel Cell Test System 890C, PAR Potentiostat/Galvanostat Model 263A, Thermovolumetric analyzers
Lot 13Fencing the buffer zone of the facility Biogas section and transformer

Credible companies, and vendors of machinery and technical equipment in Ghana are invited to submit bids. Suppliers are free to submit bids for individual lots or selected lots based on their experience. Please, include in your bid documents all relevant information, such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include, warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years. Interested parties can request for additional documentation by contacting the following email addresses