The University of Rostock (UR) and the West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL), seek to apply portions of their budgetary allocation under the Waste-to-Energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project (in Gyankobaa, Kumasi) to procure the advertised lot. Notice is hereby served for all interested vendors/parties to put in their bid for the advertised lot. Vendors/parties can opt to put in their bids.

LotsItemQuantityBrief description
Lot 1Additional shed1Uninstall the solar panels from offices and lab building Build a new shed Reinstall the panels as roof for the new shed with sealant Rain gutters   The contractor would prefinance and present receipts for reimbursement. The contractor is expected to finish within the stipulated time.

Credible, registered companies in Ghana are invited to submit bids. Please include in your bid documents containing all relevant information such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years.  Companies can also submit bids for use but functional equipment in good shape with a warranty of not less than 2 years.

For any further enquires or clarifications, please contact