The University of Rostock (UR) and the West African Service Center for Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) seek to apply portions of their budgetary allocation under the waste to energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project (In Gyankobaa, Kumasi) to procure the following items. Notice is hereby served for all interested vendors/parties to put in their bid for any of the lots. Vendors/parties can opt to put in separate bids for each lot or are at liberty to choose which lot they want to put in a bid.

Lot 1: supplies

1. Window buttons

2. Door Lock, Hinges, Stops and Screws

3. Door stops

4. Ceiling and ceiling noggins for resting place/open foyer

5. Glazing windows

6. Eight (8) Retractable metal gate for doors

7. Burglar proof for windows (16 pieces)

8. Banisters for landing and handrails for additional ramp

9. Wire mesh for windows

10. geomembrane liner (1mm thick)

11. Fanlight/skylight

Lot 2: tiling and screeding

1. Tiling for resting place

2. Tiling for steps and landing

3. Rough Screeding of floor of sorting area

4. Rough Screeding of floor of compost shed

Lot 3: painting and

1. Painting of doors and windows frames

2. Painting of doors

3. Painting of plaster board ceiling

4. Painting of metal columns in sorting shed and compost sheds

5. Painting of interior walls (Light yellow)

6. Painting of entrance gate and wall

Lot 4: plastering

1.  Plastering/dressing of concrete columns and beams

2.  Plastering of Columns, Beams, and Interior walls

Lot 5: roofing sheets for one structure

  1. Long span
  2. Minimum thickness (0.5 mm)
  3. Minimum roofing area of about 1400 m2
  4. Rain gutters to collect rainwater

Lot 6: Name board of the facility with partners and funders names in front

Lot 7: Prototype model of the plant

Lot 8: Metal frame with flexi-print-banner with the whole process chart (15 m* 2.5 m)

Credible, registered companies in Ghana are invited to submit bids. Please include in your bid documents containing all relevant information such as company registration, tax identification numbers/tax clearance certificate and any other document of importance. Also include warranty statement, work schedule/plan and references of three projects executed in the last 2 years.  Companies can also submit bids for used but functional equipment in good shape with a warranty of not less than 2 years.

For any further enquires or clarifications, please contact /