The University of Rostock (UR) wishes to apply a portion of its budgetary allocation under the waste to energy as a sustainable solution for Ghana project to procure the following items classified under 2 lots. Notice is hereby served for all interested vendors/parties to put in their bid for any of the lots. Vendors/parties can opt to put in separate bids for each lot or are at liberty to choose which lot they want to put in a bid. Vendors are to take note that they their invoices must be valid till the end of the year 2022 at the very minimum. Additionally, as the procurement is being done in Ghana, taxes must not be included.

Lot 1 – Construction and installation of oil tank storage facility.

  1. Two (2) Oil tank for storage of residual fuel oil with a capacity of 15 000 l each and with all accessories fitted for the loading, discharge of oil, level control and relief valves.

Lot 2 – supply and installation of weighing bridge

  1. One (1) surface mounted weighing bridge with a capacity of about 50 tons and accuracy of about 1%. The scope of works include civil works for the installation of the bridge.

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