Eric A. Ofosu, Dmitri V. Kolodko, and Amos T. Kabobah


Sustainable hydroelectric project is judged by the contribution of the project to sustainable development, its long-term viability and ability to integrate all sustainability goals. This thesis analyses the role of the Bui dam with these expectations using indices. A multi-criteria analysis tool APIS (ASPID-3W) is used to build indices for Bui dam according to hydrological seasons. Situation analysis reveals that, environmental indicators are strongest and economic indicators are weakest. Comparative analysis of Bui dam development shows a 40%, 36%, 18% and 6% priority for technical, economic, social and environmental criteria respectively. By estimation, general sustainability index of the Bui dam is between 0.4 and 0.6. The impact of seasonal climate change will reduce the index below 0.5 for three seasons. The results show a poor ranking of indicators for Bui dam project development, therefore a weak index of sustainability. Multi-criteria analysis offers quality assessment of energy projects. The approach is valuable for an analysis of a proposed or existing energy projects.