Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State of Nigeria is a popular place for flooding, which has negative consequences on farmers. Thus, there is need to reduce the vulnerability of the farmers to flood impacts. Vulnerability reduction requires adequate knowledge of the factors, which predispose people to flood impacts. Therefore, this study assessed the vulnerability of farmers to flood disaster in Akinyele LGA by using the MOVE framework.

Primary data were obtained through questionnaire administration, expert interview and portable GPS device while secondary data were sourced from SRTM imagery and the Map of Akinyele LGA. The data were analysed with Statistical and GIS tools. This study identified two major flood plains in Akinyele LGA and Tola, Jarija, Ajeja, Alabata, Onilu, Lagbe and Ajibode are some of the flood-prone farming communities.

Furthermore, the farmers are resource poor people, who are exposed to recurrent and damaging flood. Tola is the least flood vulnerable village while Ajibode falls under the most vulnerable class. It is recommended that river buffer zones should be set and enforced, major rivers should be dredged and policies for improving income should be implemented in the LGA.