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David Boansi
University of Bonn
Center for Development Research

Email: s7daboan(at)

Phone: +49 228 73 1860

‘Economic Evaluation of Farming Systems’ focuses on the climate change derived threats to the welfare of poor smallholders and rural communities: lacking alternative income sources, restricted market access, and limited assets;location of farm-households within different agro-ecological zones, which determines on one hand their cropping decisions, but also the magnitude and quality of changes in climate conditions. The combined effects across farm-types and agro-ecological zones within certain districts are likely to cause temporal shortages of agricultural commodities on the respective markets, thus affecting also non-rural parts of the society. The formulation of political strategies to alleviate the most severe impacts of climate change requires a profound understanding of the mechanisms through which smallholder farms and communities thereof in the case study regions are affected. Consequently, a detailed assessment of the spatial distribution of cropping activities, the associated technology, relevance of weather indicators, and available assets on micro-scale is crucial for further analyses. To this end, data on bio-physical production processes, climate, soil-types, agro-ecological zones, and socio-economic information will be combined to construct zone-specific economic simulation models for typical farming systems. In addition, it is necessary to understand the linkages between crop-yield depreciation on farm-household scale and potential food shortages on district scale.