Second WASCAL Ministerial Conference

The Ministers of the ten WASCAL member countries and Germany, as well as representatives of the ECOWAS commission met on July 9, 2015 in Berlin to discuss the future collaboration in supporting WASCAL.

The purpose of the meeting, which took place on invitation of the German Federal Minister for Education and Research (BMBF), Prof. Johanna Wanka, was to discuss the future sustainability of WASCAL. It was agreed upon that the member states will finance and operate the center themselves in the future.  Representatives of Guinea-Bissau and Guinea followed the invitation to the meeting to discuss a future membership in WASCAL and the expansion of WASCAL to the whole ECOWAS region.

This is the second meeting of the WASCAL Ministerial Council. The first meeting took place in February 2012, in Lomé, where the WASCAL partner countries signed the cooperation agreement.

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