The Federal University of Technology, Akure in the Federal Republic of Nigeria , has awarded Mr.  Gabin Kouévi Ananou, a Doctor Degree honoris causa in Sciences (Climate Change and Meteorology) for his meritorious achievements in the fight against Climate Change in Africa.

 The colourful event, held during the 31st    convocation ceremony of the university, presented a citation to Dr. Ananou, to acknowledge his tremendous contribution in the fight against climate change through the training of African scientists in various climate change thematic areas as well as the provision of climate services.

“ Dr. Ananou has been involved in the successful implementation  of all decisions regarding funding from the donor, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF), since 2009. He initiated the funding process and negotiated with the funding authority for the provision of resources in terms of infrastructure and programmes for WASCAL”

It is also worth noting that the honoris causa awardee has built a strong reputation as an environmental activist who has rallied African governments to take  actions, by facilitating the provision of funds for research to build capacities for the next generation of African scientists to champion the cause of the fight against climate change and to speak to continental issues on climate change.

His project leadership acumen over the past years have positioned WASCAL and SASSCAL as one of Africa’s most uniquely known centres of excellence in the provision of climate capacity building, and climate services.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has been one of the many beneficiaries of WASCAL activities and operations. On infrastructural development, WASCAL, through a BMBF-Funding,  has donated automatic weather stations to the country and a complete Bowen Ratio Energy Balance weather station to the FUTA Programme for which Dr. Gabin Ananou played a very instrumental role. He is at the forefront of WASCAL and SASSCAL with international cooperation with other international and regional organizations like the World Bank, African Development Bank, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and South African Development Community (SADC).

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Joseph Adeola Fuwape outlined the outstanding leadership role and achievements of the Dr. Ananou in the fight against climate change in Africa, building capacities and providing climate services.

“I am pleased to inform you that a worthy scholar is being singled out for recognition  and honour today. The recipient, Mr. Gabin Ananou will be conferred with the University’s honorary doctor degree(honoris causa). On behalf of the governing council, senate, staff and students of FUTA, I congratulate you on your achievements.”

In his acceptance speech. Dr. Gabin Ananou thanked the authorities of the University for bestowing on him such prestigious honour.

“It is my great pleasure to be associated with this great University. Now, people will search for my name on google, just to discover that my name is affiliated to the name of FUT Akuré. For bestowing on me this Honorary Doctorate, you have given me the opportunity to belong to a higher class of personalities working as ambassadors of this great University.” He said.

 Congratulations Dr. Gabin Kouévi Ananou for this feat.