Thesis Research Awards for Non-WASCAL Sponsored West African Nationals

Update: The deadline has been postponed to february 29, 2016

Applicants must have completed all course requirements for the degree as well as be in the research and/or writing phase of the dissertation. The dissertation must be on climate change and any of the thematic areas of biodiversity, agriculture, adapted land use, climate systems, education, human security, economics and energy. In addition, applicants should not have received any other funding to support the dissertation activities outlined in the PhD or MSc proposal/budget. Priority is given to candidates pursuing a career in government ministries, research and/or teaching at a public institution in West Africa.

Requests should be supported by the following documentation:

  • Evidence of an attachment to, or sponsorship by, an institution in West Africa engaged in government ministries, research and/or training in the public sector in the region.
  • Evidence of registration in a recognized PhD or MSc program in a relevant area.
  • An approved research proposal, complete with clearly defined objectives, substantial literature review and a well-outlined analytical framework, as well as pertinent research methodology.
  • A statement of limitations and policy relevance of the study.
  • A letter of reference from the thesis supervisor, and a letter of institutional support from the Head of Department.
  • A detailed budget including evidence of any additional financial support that may be necessary to complete the program.
  • Curriculum vitae.

Processing of Application for PhD Thesis Research Award

Upon the receipt of the proposal and the supporting documentation, it is sent to two external reviewers in the relevant programs of the WASCAL Graduate Studies Program, who comment on the adequacy of the proposal. In the event that the reviewers suggest corrections to be made and give positive feedback, the comments are sent to the students to incorporate and then resubmit the revised proposal for a final review. Once the proposal is cleared by at least two reviewers, it is presented together with the comments from the external reviewers to the Thesis Grant Sub-Committee of the Graduate Studies Program, who will go through the recommendations of the reviewers and make recommendation to the Capacity Building Department of WASCAL to approve for thesis funding. It is after this that research grants can be awarded.

Application Deadlines for 2015/2016 Academic Session

The PhD and MSc Thesis Research Awards applications deadline is <s>January 30</s>, February 29, 2016.
Proposal and supporting documents for thesis grant should be sent to:
The Director of Capacity Building,
WASCAL Accra Office, CSIR Office Complex,
Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, PMB CT 504, Cantonments-Accra.
Email: intern.w(at); weto.s(at)