University Abdou Moumouni, Niger Appoints Christoph Rövekamp as Associate Professor

The University Abdou Moumouni of Niamey, Niger has appointed Dr. Christoph Rövekamp, Head of the Division, Energy and Hydrogen Technologies at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF),  as visiting Associate Professor.

By this appointment, Dr Rövekamp will lecture WASCAL’s postgraduate students on Climate Change and Renewable  Energies  at the university . He will also contribute to mentoring alumni on economics and science-policy interface.

 The Vice Chancellor of the university, in his appointment letter, recognized  Dr Rövekamp’s critical  contribution  and  role in West Africa’s  energy sector, through various programmes, events and stakeholder engagements to develop and implement curriculum in areas of renewable energy and green hydrogen.

He has played an ambassadorial role in research and capacity building, particularly in diverse thematic areas in renewable energy in Africa. Even more critical is his leadership task in garnering strong African partners to deliberate and formulate strategies in tackling the energy challenges facing Africa

The university of Abdou Moumouni is the premier university of  Niger hosting WASCAL’s Graduate Studies Programme in Climate Change and Energy where it trains doctoral students from within West Africa, capable of proposing adapted solutions to face the climate change and energy crisis by developing strategies to reconcile the  rising energy demand with sustainable resource management.

While congratulating Dr. Rövekamp, WASCAL, together with the University Abdou Moumouni, Niger expresses its gratitude to BMBF for its continuous and principal role in the fight against Climate Change in Africa through the platform of WASCAL.