The West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL), a West African International Organization championing the cause of climate resilience through research, capacity building and services, has appointed Ing. Prof. Emmanuel Wendsongre Ramde as its new Executive Director effective 1st March 2024.

Prof. Ramde joins WASCAL with very rich experience of more than 20 years as a mechanical engineer, an energy specialist and project management, monitoring, and evaluation expert.

He holds PhD degree in Energy/Mechanical Engineering from the Institut International d’Ingénierie de l’eau et de l’environnement/ KNUST. He also holds two master’s degrees in business administration, Finance option; as well as Mechanical Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He also holds master’s degree in Pure Physics and Bachelor of Science in Pure Physics, both from the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, Ouagadougou, Burkina.

Until his appointment, Prof. Ramde worked as a senior member at the KNUST where he once headed the Brew-Hammond Energy Centre. He has served as the Ghana National Representative and Vice Regional Representative in West Africa for the African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE).

As the Executive Director, he will oversee the overall strategic and day-to-day operations of WASCAL. He is responsible for providing overall leadership and management of the organization’s partnership and is expected to drive relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders, including private sector companies, government officials and international organizations.

The new Executive Director has in-depth knowledge of the ECOWAS region, where WASCAL operates, and is familiar with the issues and problems facing its energy sector concerning climate change, legal, regulatory, and institutional framework. Ing. Prof. Ramde has about twenty years of experience in designing, implementing, managing, monitoring, and evaluating energy related and climate change projects. He has worked with major regional and international development partners and national stakeholders.

The Burkinabe national is a bilingual who has spent the last 22 years in Ghana where WASCAL is headquartered. He brings to WASCAL rich experience in development cooperation projects, and more especially in areas of teaching, consulting, and conducting research in Energy including Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, global warming, and climate change.

Ing. Prof. Ramde has managed a number of energy projects and conducted consultancy jobs in the energy sector and allied. Prof. Ramde has been consulting for ECOWAS, UNIDO, USAID, GIZ, AFREC, ECREEE, the World Bank, the European Commission among others.

WASCAL is delighted to have the services, talent, and wealth of skill to spur on the organization, even as it continues to combat climate change, improve livelihoods and promote green energy and renewable energy through capacity building, research and services.

WASCAL is a West African international organization dedicated to providing comprehensive climate change solutions, through capacity building, research, and climate services, with a particular emphasis on green hydrogen and renewable energy. Through its innovative approach, WASCAL aims to address the challenges of climate change and contribute to a sustainable future for the region and beyond.