WASCAL Celebrates Graduation at the Master Program Climate Change and Human Security, University of Lomé

The Master Program’s Director, Professor Kouami Kokou, opened the festivities and thanked all officials, guests and participants for their participation at the graduation ceremony. The graduating batch 2013-2015 is the second batch from the WASCAL Program at the University of Lomé, since the program’s implementation in Togo in 2012. The new graduates were ten young people from different backgrounds from six West African countries including Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, and Togo.

On behalf of the graduates, Miss Yomo Mawoulolo, thanked both the Togolese and German government, the officials at the ceremony, the President of the University of Lomé, and all the staff of WASCAL Program for all the efforts and sacrifices made throughout their training.

The ten students successfully graduated with theses in the following topics:

AMOU, Martial 2015. Rural livelihoods and cropping pattern under climate change in the Zio district of Togo, West Africa. University of Lomé. Supervisor Dr. Georges Abbey

ARYEE, Alberta 2015. Indigenous knowledge and resilience building in climate variability and change: comparative analysis of Chereponi in Ghana and Oti prefecture in Togo. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Kloos

DANSOKO, Binta 2015. Environmental change and migration: a cross-villages assessment of human mobility and vegetation dynamic in the Dano watershed, Burkina Faso. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Papa Sow.

DEMBELE, Seydou 2015. Climate variability and rice production in Mali: a case study of Office Riz Segou. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Bino Teme.

GOMEZ, Leroy 2015. Social vulnerability to coastal erosion: empirical assessment of Gunjur village in the Gambia. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Janet Olatundun Adelegan.

GOUBALAN, Elvire 2015. Knowledge transfer between scientific community and policy makers for addressing climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Ghana. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Grace Villamor.

NTAJAL, Joshua 2015. Flood disaster risk mapping in the lower Mono River Basin in Togo: application of geographic information system and remote sensing. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Benjamin L. Lamptey

OKELEYE, Sunday 2015. Impact assessment of flood disaster on livelihoods of farmers in selected farming communities of Oke-Ogun region of Oyo State, Nigeria. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Felix Olorunfemi

YAO, Eric 2015. Effect of climate change on the cost of malaria treatment among households in farming communities in the Bole district, Northern Ghana. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Prof. Francis k. Obeng

YOMO, Mawoulolo 2015. Role of local institutions in shaping the response of farming household to climate change and variability: a case study of Bongo district in Ghana. University of Lomé. Supervisor: Dr. Grace Villamor

The ceremony was honored by many high-ranking guests, among them:

  • Mr. Octave Nicoué K. Broohm, Minister of Higher Education and Research of the Republic of Togo.
  • Mr. André Johnson, Minister of Environment and Forest resources.
  • Mr. Christoph Sander, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Professor Messanvi Gbéassor, President of the University of Lomé and member of the WASCAL Governing Board.
  • Professor Sanda, 1st Vice President of the University of Lomé.
  • Mr. Ananou Gabin, German Aerospace Center – Project Management Agency (DLR PT)
  • Madame the Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Higher Education and Research of Togo.
  • Mr. Tchakou, Accountant of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Togo.
  • Representatives (3) of the Embassies of Nigeria, Mali, and Senegal.
  • Representative (1) of The World Bank.
  • Director of the academic affairs of the Embassy of the United States of America.
  • Dr. Laurent Sédogo, Wascal Executive Director.
  • Pr. Janet O. Adelegan, WASCAL Capacity Building Director.
  • Dr. Grace Villamor, supervisor of WASCAL students and WASCAL researcher.