WASCAL Directors meetings was held at the University of Abomey Calavi, in Benin from the 17th to the 19th April 2023. The meetings aim is to share information on success, challenges, and strategy for better implementation of the curricula, to update the content of existing documents at the GSP to meet better quality assurance, and to elaborate lessons learnt and strategise for their implementation. The participants to the meeting include the WASCAL Executive Director (online), Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Member of the WASCAL Governing Board for Benin, Capacity Building Director, WASCAL GSP Directors or Representatives, Senior Finance Manager, and Senior Executive Assistant (CBD). In the framework of this meeting, the Directors paid a courtesy visit to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Abomey Calavi, Prof. Félicien AVLESSI and also to the Laboratory of Applied Ecology of Prof. Brice SINSIN. The conclusion of the meeting would be useful to handle the batch 4 students who are still finalizing their thesis documents and more importantly for the monitoring of batch 5 students as well as the upcoming students and those for Hydrogen programme.

Prof Koné Daouda acknowledged the Vice-Chancellor leadership and extended the warm greetings of the Executive Director of WASCAL. Prof Koné on behalf of the delegation of Directors and staff was thankful to the VC for the work done so far by WASCAL team in Benin to build Capacity for climate expert in UAC for West Africa. 

The Vice-chancellor expressed his willingness to support WASCAL team in Benin and all activities of WASCAL in Benin. He also stressed on the importance of WASCAL in Abomey Calavi University in term of achievements and visibility.

During the opening Ceremony Dr Savadogo, the Executive Director of WASCAL addressed the Directors, the VC representative, and the Board member and congratulated all the GSP Directors for the achievement so far. He also appreciated the current ongoing evaluation of the 7 schools for curriculum accreditation.

Before opening the Ceremony, the Board member of WASCAL for Benin Prof Flora Chadare addressed and acknowledgments the Executive Director and all participants for attending the meeting. She expressed her happiness to witness the meeting of WASCAL GSP Directors. She declared the meeting opened and wished all a fruitful deliberation.

After the opening and the adoption of the Agenda the Executive Director of WASCAL gave an update to the Directors on the Ministerial meeting held in Berlin and also the way forward through some key actions already taken by WASCAL and its partners. He also informed the Directors on the increased number of the member countries to 12 after the ratification of the Republic of Guinea.

The meeting continued and the results will be shared in a report to all the Directors.