The WASCAL- PAUWES-ZEF Cooperation trained its students (including alumni) on relevant topics under Climate Change and Water Resources during a two-week workshop (from September 16th to 27th, 2019) in Benin at the University of Abomey Calavi. These include; laboratory water analysis, Integrated water resources management, water disasters risk, Climate change adaptation for Sub Saharan Africa Water Resources, water flow measurements on River Mono and River Couffo, taking measurements at weather stations, coastal erosion and mitigation measures (Seme/ Akpakpa-Donatin-Wlacodii-Obama-Cotonou/Ouidah), and research methodology among others.

The objective of the workshop was to have a joint training and exchange of experiences on appropriates tools and procedures in the area of water for students from PAUWES and WASCAL.

To achieve this, students were given training modules, presentations and lectures from lecturers in the area of water resources. The workshop was coupled with practical (laboratory exercises) and field trips to help create awareness among them on climate change and water resources in Sub Saharan Africa.

The students visited Songhai (an institution set up purposively to protect the environment and natural resources. It is also an entrepreneurial centre and offer internships to students ).

They also visited Ouidah, a historical place in Benin.