WASCAL welcomes its New Executive Director: Dr. Laurent Sédogo

Having joined WASCAL from the beginning of January 2014, Dr. Sédogo will officially take over the mandate of the executive director from his predecessor and founding Director of WASCAL Professor Paul Vlek on February 14, 2014. “Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges in Africa’s development agenda. I share the vision of WASCAL to take science and technique and put it into practice and on the development agenda in a way that will touch local people.  At the same time, WASCAL strives to foster development on the level of policy-making. It will be a big challenge for WASCAL to bring together the local and national levels of decision and policy making regarding sustainable land management under climate threats. That is why I was very happy to be selected as executive director,” says Sédogo.

Dr. Laurent Sédogo graduated with a PhD in sustainable management of natural resources from ITC in Enschede and Wageningen University, The Netherlands in 2002. Before this he had obtained a Master of Science in GIS at Wageningen Agricultural University.

Dr. Sédogo worked with institutions dealing with land degradation and desertification control at the national level and the regional level (Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS). He held a variety of political offices, starting with the post of Minister of Farmers’ Cooperatives from 1988 to 1990. After completing his PhD he returned to the political office as Minister of the Environment and Quality of Life until 2008, followed by the post of Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fishery. He was a Member of Parliament until joining WASCAL in January 2013.

Laurent Sédogo was Vice President of the Governing Council of UNEP and Member of the Governing Council of the OSS (Sahara and Sahel Observatory) and is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Development Initiative.

Link to full vitae

Watch a video interview with Laurent Sédogo on the Center of Development Research’s youtube channel