The global stocktake of the Paris Agreement (GST) is a process for taking stock of the implementation of the Paris Agreement with the aim to assess the world’s collective progress towards achieving the purpose of the agreement and its long-term goals.

The significance of the GST process led to the creation of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST) – a consortium of civil society actors (i.e., climate modelers, analysts, campaigners, and advocates) working together to support the GST – with the aim of increasing the accuracy, transparency, accountability, and relevance of the official benchmarking process.

The iGST West Africa Regional Hub project, led by WASCAL and implemented in collaboration with CSIR (South Africa), aims to lead advocacy on climate change ambition and to provide support to the GST process in West Africa. The Hub is being created through a consultative and participatory process and will be a platform that brings together climate advocates including climate modellers and other climate civil society actors. Although the region is among the lowest GHG emission regions of the world, Hub project presents an opportunity for climate civil society stakeholders in the region to contribute to the different components of the GST, especially adaptation.

Project indicatorSummary of results
Outcomes of ProjectReport on key perspectives of civil society climate actors on GST of the West African countriesReport on the roadmap for the establishment and operation of iGST Hub of West AfricaA functional regional iGST Hub of West Africa
Mitigation to climate changeThe regional hub will contribute to climate change mitigation in West Africa by providing advocacy at the international level through the iGST
Adaptation technologyThe regional hub will contribute to climate change adaptation in West Africa by providing advocacy at the international level through the iGST
Capacity buildingA regional workshop on the global stocktake process will be organized for climate change civil society actors in West Africa

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