The WASCAL Research Action Plan (WRAP 2.0) is the current working agenda of the Competence Centre and is geared toward making the centre a full-service provision centre by delivering key demand-driven climate and environmental services to be taken up by policymakers and other stakeholders, including smallholders. Specifically, WRAP 2.0 seeks to (i) formulate and carry out demand-driven research for development-oriented outcomes as prioritized by WASCAL member states, and to establish WASCAL as a front-line West African climate service centre; (ii) generate sound, evidence-based knowledge and information, and devise tools, including software to support decision-making; and (iii) provide policy information and support for developing climate and environmental risk management, building resilient socio-ecological landscapes, and attaining sustainable agricultural production and food security.

WRAP 2.0 is based on five (5) interrelated Priority Research Themes (PRTs) that of regional relevance in West Africa: land use and land degradation (PRT 1), risk and vulnerability to climate extremes (PRT 2), rural-urban and cross-border migration (PRT 3), sustainable agriculture and climate smart landscapes (PRT 4), and renewable energy (PRT 5). This interrelationship is founded on the WASCAL Multidisciplinary Observation Networks and multi-stakeholder innovation platforms across West Africa. These PRTs, besides supporting ECOWAS’ priority programmes in environment and agriculture, will deploy necessary actions that contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 1 (End poverty), SDG 2 (End hunger), SDG 13 (Climate action), SDG 15 (Life on land).